Shop Helpers

This little "feller" is named "Roscoe". He doesn't know that he's actually a chicken. About 6 years ago, on Easter morning, my wife and I were sitting at the breakfast table having our coffee when be both looked up at each other at same time. "I think I just heard a rooster crowing" was my remark. We went to the front door and there he stood, neck stretched out and letting another one fly.

Roscoe decided to make our yard his new home and he took up night-time residence in the pine tree beside the garage (shop). On several occasions, while I was working on projects, he would walk in and fly up on the drill press to get a better view of what I was doing. My wife can't get within 50 feet of him, because he's afraid of her and will take off running when she's around.

He earns his keep by patrolling the yard and desimating the bug population. We used to have a problem with scorpions (we live in an urban desert), not any more. The only down-side to having him is the incessant crowing. He starts about 2:30 am and keeps at it until after breakfast. Then he'll start back up just before the sun goes down. He's on his roost 30 minutes before sundown and gives us one last serenade before turning in for the night.

Notice: On August 17, 2009, Old Roscoe met his maker around first light. Based on the evidence and reports from several neighbors, an owl (reported to stand about 18" tall) came swooping in for the Kill on Roscoe while still on his roost in the pine tree. It was apparently a "territorial" issue since his body was not eaten, only beheaded. I was not aware that Roosters and Owls could be in competition for territory. Roscoe must have really "Pissed him Off". We will miss him!

The bunny showed up one Saturday afternoon while I was working on something on my bench. I was concentrating on the project, but, saw something move next to my foot, out of the corner of my eye. He actually startled me for a second or two. I was not expecting to see a baby cotton tail, after all we do live in town, not the country. So to document his visit, I grabbed the camera that I keep in the shop to document projects and recorded his visit.