Lurie-Houghton Telescope
Secondary Holder Assembly with Mirror

PHOTO: Secondary Holder Assembly with Mirror
Here's the secondary holder assembly with the mirror glued to it. The secondary mirror is glued to a 45 degree angle cut on the black plastic part. This mirror is used to direct the focused light from the primary mirror sideways through a hole in the telescope tube allowing me to view the image. The metal parts of this assembly allows me to slide, rotate and adjust the angle of the mirror along and around the optical axis. These adjustments are needed so the reflected light is perpendicular to the main optical axis of the telescope and centered properly in the telescope eyepiece. Notice the blackening on the edge of the mirror. I'm trying different inks to determine which to use to darken the edge. I'm going to use the ink that is on the upper left portion, because it is flatter and reflects less light. This photo was taken 7 May 2000 with an Olympus D-600L digital camera.

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Updated: 7 May 2000