Lurie-Houghton Telescope
Secondary Holder Assembly (Front)

PHOTO: Front view of secondary holder assembly
Here's the front view of secondary holder assembly. The secondary mirror of the telescope will be glued to the 45 degree angle cut on the black plastic part. This mirror is used to direct the focused light from the primary mirror sideways through a hole in the telescope tube allowing me to view the image. The three socket head screws on the front are used to adjust the angle of the mirror. One of two set screws in the side of the assembly is also visible. They are used so I could slide and rotate the mirror along and around the optical axis. All of these adjustments are needed so the reflected light is perpendicular to the main optical axis of the telescope and centered properly in the telescope eyepiece. The metal parts were made by my friend Cullen Bennett in his home based machine shop. The plastic mirror holder is manufactured by ProtoStar. This photo was taken 20 December 1999 with an Olympus D-600L digital camera.

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Updated: 9 October 2000