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News—No. 16
SkyTent at the Riverside
Telescope Makers Conference

May 25-28, 2001

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The SkyTent display on the telescope field at the RTMC. At left is a 12 x 8 SkyTent, with a 10 x 7 on the right.

The interior of the 10 x 7 SkyTent, with Rick Scott's beautifully made 9.8" f/4.6 Lurie-Houghton telescope. When was the last time you saw a Lurie-Houghton telescope? In fact, when was the last time you even heard of a Lurie-Houghton telescope? (See below for more information.)
Inside the 12 x 8 SkyTent, here with a 6" f/9.5 refractor.

Saturday night at the RTMC was enlived by a couple of hours of observing a UFO (also seen all over southern California, according to radio reports the next morning). Many telescopes and binoculars watched the UFO, including the owner of the 6" refractor shown above. He kept the UFO in the eyepiece for quite awhile over a large area of sky, and gave detailed descriptions of its movements and activities.

Personal conclusion: we watched very large amounts of our tax dollars flying through the night (as opposed to Betelgeusian tax dollars). We seem to have bought ourselves one heck of a flying machine; maybe in 20 years or so we can all take a ride. Definitely a different way to spend a night under the stars–let's see you arrange the same show again next year, RTMC!



For those of us who've never heard of a Lurie-Houghton telescope, here's some information. The design dates from the early 1940's, but very few have ever been constructed. It's obviously a premium telescope design, which clearly has some advantages. The main problem might be finding someone like Mike Spooner to grind the doublet lens.

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