This project was a joint venture by several individuals. I had the machine work. This web-based article was extracted from the original html posed by Rick Scott on his personal web site. To find the current article, just Google on  "Lurie Houghton" and it will show up.


Lurie-Houghton Telescope Project

 PHOTO: Scope on Mount



Telescope Design by Rick Scott
Machine work by Cullen Bennett
Optics by Mike Spooner
Powder coating by Bob House


Around May of 1999 I (Rick Scott) started thinking about designing and building my own telescope. I got the idea while reading Telescope Optics - Evaluation and Design by Harrie Rutten and Martin ven Rooij. I liked the Lurie-Houghton design which uses a spherical primary mirror and a full aperture doublet corrector lens to eliminate the spherical aberration and coma. I hadn't thought of building a telescope until I read about this design which really sparked my interest.

This web site is a contribution to the amateur telescope making (ATM) community and will document the telescope design and provide photos and general information as the project progresses. So, come visit again in the future.

Technical Information

Design Details for My Telescope Review of OSLO LT Design Software
Sky Tent Advertising using our LH Telescope Lurie-Houghton Design Equations

Photo and Info Gallery

Zoe with Aluminum Tube Zoe with Aluminum Stock
Raw Aluminum Tube on Losmandy Mount Zoe and Secondary Sleeve Parts
Secondary Retaining Nut on Lathe (Front) Jacob with Lens Blanks
Secondary Holder Assembly (Front) Secondary Holder Assembly (Back)
Corrector Cell Frame on the Lathe Corrector Cell Frame
Corrector Cell Frame with Spacer Nearly completed Corrector Cell
Primary Cell Mounting Ring Jacob with Primary Cell Mounting Ring
Focuser and finder scope on unpainted tube Blower fan in telescope tube
Primary mirror mount yoke Primary mirror collimation adjuster
Secondary mirror and mount Fans and focuser, an insider view
Astrositall Mirror Blank Grinding one of the lenses
Corrector Lens Assembly Corrector and Secondary Assembly
First Light in Page, Arizona Primary mirror on its yoke
Jacob with painted corrector assembly The painted corrector assembly
The assemble scope on its mount Oblique view of the front
A close view into the front A close view of the rear

Updated: 9 October 2000