Arriving Anchorage at 1:00 am

Russian River

First Fish On The Line

1st Fish in The River

Same First Fish Fight

Battle Progresses

Looking Across The Bay at Homer (South)

Ferry Barge at Homer

Homer Volunteer Fire Dept

Another View Looking South

MaMa Moose and Baby on Roadside

MaMa Moose

Cabin at Clam Gulch

Tony And Debbie Dancing at Back Yard Party (11:30 pm)

Debbie and Christine

Wild Mushroom on Riverbank

Volcano across the Bay (11:30 pm)

Clam Gulch Cafe

Guy (chef at C.G. Cafe)

Salmon drying before smoking

Kenai River at Ocean

Harbor at Russian Village

First Fish at Deep Creek

First landed fish at Soldotona (Kenai River)

More Fish